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Inside Scooter & Wheelchair Lifts
Jacksonville, FL

Compact, SUV, Hatchback, and Minivan Lift Solutions

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Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA

Difficulty transporting your
scooter with your compact SUV?

The Smart Lifter hoist lifts mobility devices up to 440 lbs and loads it into the back of your vehicle all at the touch of a button. It’s an ideal solution that saves you and your loved one struggling with lifting heavy parts and allows you to keep your independence when venturing out of the house.

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Save space in your vehicle’s cargo area and back seating while safely transporting your mobility device using a hitch-mounted lift. Simply guide your mobility device onto the lift and secure it to the platform with either a hold-down foot or handle, or Q’Straints. Benefits of hitch-mounted lifts include:

  • Easy Drive-On, Drive-Off

  • Exterior Storage Enables You to Keep Back Seating/Cargo Area

  • Heavy Duty Lifting Capacity


100 Series


  • Most scooters

  • Up to 350 lb or 400 lb (HD)


300 Series


  • Wide variety of scooters and powerchairs

  • Up to 350 lb or 400 lb (HD)

  • No modifications needed


Safely transport your manual wheelchair, powerchair, or scooter inside your vehicle while maintaining use of your vehicle’s backup camera and saving garage space with a hoist lift! Hoist lifts act as cranes, hooking onto your mobility device and lifting them into the vehicle’s cargo area. Benefits of hoist lifts include:

  • Interior storage of your mobility device

  • Maintain use of vehicle backup camera

  • Heavy duty lifting capacity

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The AL6000 and AL6000HD are great for transporting your mobility device inside your vehicle’s cargo area, protecting it from harsh elements and potential road debris. This remote control-operated hybrid powerhouse is the premier choice for carrying virtually any powerchair or scooter inside vans, minivans, and SUVs. Benefits of using a hybrid lift include:

  • Easy Drive-On, Drive-Off

  • Interior Storage

  • Heavy-duty Lifting Capacity of up to 350 lb. or 400 lb. (HD)


Specialty lifts to suit almost any need – from microlifts to lifts for RVs, we’re ready to help you find the best fit for your adventures!

See what it would look like in your type of car!

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5285 Shad Rd #207
Jacksonville, FL 32257, USA

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